Fertility Treatment and support

Successful outcomes depend on accurately diagnosing, testing and monitoring changes in your biochemical ranges. Infertility is a symptom of dysregulation in other systems. If you have already been TTC we will investigate why you are failing to conceive & offer strategies / treatments.

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Menopausal management

Hot flushes

Mood disorders

Memory deficit



Low libido / vaginal dryness.


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Stress Anxiety Depression Exhaustion

Psycho emotional issues that occur at any phase in life.

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About Dr. Melanie Alexander

Melanie Alexander with her rich and highly educated background, is regarded by practitioners as 'clever, smart and very knowledgeable'. With a bachelor degree of Science and Acupuncture, a Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and a Masters in Reproductive Medicine from the University of NSW, combined with an early background as an RN working in the major teaching hospitals, Melanie has the perfect background knowing what today's 'knowledgeable' clients need. Our patient's responses to stress permeate and influence all levels of human functioning.

Melanie has a proven record of excellence with her own private Sydney clinic, which focuses on reproductive and general health. Her nursing background makes her a darling with her patients as she understands so well the science and the medical treatments the patient is offered.

Melanie has been senior consultant to practitioners with both the Green Medicine Company and later with Panaxea Australia, helping and consulting practitioners of many modalities both in Australia and the United States.



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