Fertility Treatment and support


Successful outcomes depend on accurately diagnosing, testing and monitoring changes in your biochemical ranges. Infertility is a symptom of dysregulation in other systems. If you have already been TTC we will investigate why you are failing to conceive & offer strategies / treatments.


Pre conception work up for both male and female patients

Pre & post IVF transfer acupuncture

Pregnancy management throughout the trimesters

Birth preparation / induction

Post natal recovery / lactation support.


I will support you throughout IVF cycles, and give day-of embryo transfer acupuncture for IVF patients. I work in conjunction with your obstetrician / GP and allied health team communicating when needed to ensure the best possible outcome.


Reproductive medicine challenges



Menstrual disorders

Painful periods

Absence of menstruation.


Management of pregnancy related issues


Back pain

Fluid retention

Blood pressure / Gestational diabetes

Stress Depression Anxiety


Pre Birth:

Treatment will support cervical softening & dilation.

Correct positioning of your baby;

Turning if breech or transverse.

Birth Induction

Personal stability relaxation and confidence re birthing.


Post Birth:


Lactation support

Postnatal recovery

Caesarian recovery



Menopausal management 

Hot flushes

Mood disorders

Memory deficit



Low libido / vaginal dryness.



Stress Anxiety Depression Exhaustion

Psycho emotional issues that occur at any phase in life.


Female Reproductive cancer support.

Pre & post surgery

Adjunct treatments during chemotherapy / radiotherapy.


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